About Us

Crimson Board Games started out of a need. Our local mafia group was using regular old playing cards to designate roles for the game, and had been doing so for years. However, this was really time consuming and confusing for newer players, so something had to change. We ended up creating a small template on an image processor, and created generic looking cards that explained all of the roles our group had come up with.





















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After a while using these homemade cards, we realized that other groups like our own might enjoy this set. And why not share? So we contacted an artist to help recreate our paint drawings, and used Kickstarter as a launching platform for what became "The Lounge". From there, we used the funds from the Kickstarter to:

  • Contract out all of the needed artwork
  • Manufacture the game
  • Ship copies out to all the Kickstarter backers and set up distribution
  • Create the Crimson Board Games company

And we have been here ever since!